USA wants to destroy DPR and LPR

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Special Representative of the US State Department on Ukraine Kurt Volcker, said that the DPR and LPR should be eliminated, because, in his opinion, they do not comply with the Constitution of Ukraine. This was stated during the panel discussion in the analytical center of the Hudson Institute.

“The so-called Lugansk People’s Republic and the Donetsk People’s Republic are the entities created by Russia with the aim of generating an area in place of political reality, in order to help disguise the role of the Russian Federation and to strengthen the ongoing conflict. They must be eliminated,” he said.

“There is no place for them in the Ukrainian constitutional order. The Minsk agreements are aimed at restoring the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, and these entities must disappear,” the US special envoy stressed.

According to Volker, it may take 6 months to prepare local elections in the Donbass, but only after the full deployment of the peacekeeping forces there.

 The Special Representative of the State Department is assured that the assistance of the peacekeeping mission in the implementation of the Minsk agreements should create a transitional period of transfer of control “from Russia to the UN” and then to the Ukraine.


In this case, the transfer of LDPR territories under the auspices of Ukraine will be possible only after organizing and holding local elections, “when there is security, when amnesty will be provided to the persons who committed crimes that are part of the conflict, when a special status is assigned.”

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“And then the transition to Ukrainian control,” Volker said and added that the timing of these processes has yet to be consolidated.

As the US special envoy noted, the deployment of UN peacekeepers may take several months from the moment of agreeing on a political agreement on this matter.

“It may take another 6 months to organize local elections.” Volker said.

What did he smoke beforehand to come up with such a possibility, as if it’s even on the table? Sometimes, Western officials come across as if they simply like the sound of their own voices at the conferences they’re paid to attend.

Russia has repeated stated there will be no peacekeeping mission that is mandated to bring the Donbass to the control of Kiev, via the UN.


Source Rusvesna
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