VIDEO: 52 civilian hostages escape terrorists in East Ghouta

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EAST GHOUTA, Syria – 52 civilian hostages, including 26 children, were evacuated from the East Ghouta town of Mesraba on Sunday, according to Vladimir Zolotuhin, the spokesperson of the Russian Centre for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides in the Syrian Arab Republic.

“52 civilians were removed from Eastern Ghouta today, including 26 children. For now they’re located in Adra in the driving school. The humanitarian situation is being clarified now, where the medical assistance, everything necessary, including food, will be provide,” Zolotuhin said.

Meanwhile, the escaped hostages recounted to reporters their experience.

“The situation was difficult. Fear and horror, bombardments, war. Fear is inevitable in such situation. Praise be to Allah, when the Syrian army came, they brought food, gifts, medication, the doctors arrived. Now we have everything we need,” a resident recounted.

“It was difficult. A person could have been taken for any fault and it was hard to predict his future. They could even put into prison for one year for [taking] a piece of plastic. It’s impossible to describe. They hid food, had a lot of money and bought up rice for 500 lira and then sold for 5,000. The cost of sugar was 16,500 lira,” a resident said.

“We’ve been suffering for seven years. We all maintained the neutrality in Misraba. But we couldn’t do anything, they wouldn’t let us go, they controlled us, put pressure on us,” the resident stressed.

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East Ghouta, to the east of Damascus city center, has been the site of battles between the Syrian Army and terrorist organizations that have been freely operating in the region since the war began in 2011.

In a short matter of time the Syrian Army has liberated over 53% of the pocket which puts terrorists in a precarious situation. However, despite the precarious situation, they refuse to allow civilian hostages to fully evacuate so that they can continually be used as human shields.


Meanwhile, in another part of Syria, Chinese terrorists have announced their willingness to fight the People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Afrin. Read full details here.

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