VIDEO: Kurdish civilians slaughtered by Turkish airstrikes in Afrin

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AFRIN, Syria – The Turkish-led invaders, which comprises of the Turkish military and their Syrian puppets, have continued their impressive march against the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in the northwest Syrian region of Afrin.

Yesterday, it saw the invading forces capture 15 sites from the YPG. The offensive has continued today with the so-called Olive Branch Forces, the name given to the operation to remove the YPG from Afrin, capturing Kurdan, Cobana, Sheik Bilal, Jalqam and Jalqam Qabu.

However, despite the Olive Branch forces advancing in countryside areas against the YPG, it has continued an intense campaign to choke Afrin city and has continued to close in on the city center and an intense air campaign.

This intense air campaign has led to the deaths of many innocent civilians as seen in the video below.

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Turkey recognizes the YPG as a terrorist organization as it is the Syrian branch of the Turkey-based Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) that is internationally recognized as a terrorist group, including by Washington.

Despite Washington recognizing the PKK as a terrorist organization, it supports the YPG in Syria by arming and funding them. This has been a consistent cause of hostility between Ankara and Washington.

Elsewhere in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia are also using their air force to continue to devastate civilians. A video and full story of this can be found here.

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