VIDEO: Syrian Army advances on major East Ghouta town

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EAST GHOUTA, Syria – The Syrian Army has made gains in the East Ghouta town of Harasta, footage captured on Monday shows.

The advance followed the seizure of militant-controlled Mudayrah by the Syrian Army’s elite Tiger Forces Division on Sunday.

Some reports suggest that civilians will evacuate the East Ghouta town of Harasta through a humanitarian corridor established by the Syrian forces.

East Ghouta has been the site of a weeks-long operation against terrorist organizations operating in the region. In a matter of only weeks, the Syrian Army has liberated over 60% of the region.

In a short period it has also divided the enclave into three pockets. One comprising only of Harasta and two pockets; a northern pocket centered around Duma and a southern pocket containing the major towns of Irbin and Jobar.

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Effectively, all major towns are now separated from one another with the exception of Irbin and Jobar. This will severely hamper resistance efforts by terrorist organizations and it is expected once all blockades are placed on the major towns, they will fall one by one.

Currently, all the elite Syrian Army units including the Tiger Forces, 4th Mechanized Units and Republican Guards are operating in East Ghouta, demonstrating how serious the Syrian military are in defeating terrorists in this part of Syria and to bring a quick conclusion to the end of this battle.

It is anticipated that with the eventual end of the East Ghouta battle, and with all major Syrian Army units already in the vicinity, the next operation will be against ISIS in the south Damascus area of Yarmouk. This would be the last terrorist enclave operating in Damascus and is only approximately 7km away from East Ghouta.

Elsewhere in Syria mourners gathered in the Syrian city of Afrin on Monday, where they held a mass funeral to bury the bodies of 20 new victims of Turkey’s ongoing ‘Olive Branch’ offensive. Details of this can be read here.

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