VIDEO: Terrorists in East Ghouta lie about destroying Syrian helicopter

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EAST GHOUTA, Syria – The Jaish al-Islam terror group, famous for caging Alawite women as human shields but presented in mainstream media as moderate, last night lied about destroying a Syrian military helicopter in East Ghouta, east of Damascus city center.

From their own Twitter account, that has somehow not been deleted despite their original leader endorsing the likes of Osama bin Laden, said in Arabic that “The moment of target and hit a helicopter in the Eastern Ghouta sky with a missile from the “OSA” Air defense system.”

Except there are some problems to their claim.

The “From Within Syria” blog highlighted three main problems.

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1. The video did not show a hit

2. The video shows that the radar was not locked on the helicopter, manual line of sight was used.

3. You can clearly hear them saying “the guidance is working” which proves that the problem they had was the data link that was being jammed by the Syrian military.

As the terrorists in East Ghouta have lost 70% of the region in a matter of weeks, their lies are becoming more desperate as they continue to get steamrolled by the Syrian Army.

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