VIDEO: Turkish supported terrorists directly threaten China


HATAY, Turkey – Turkey has decided to play a very dangerous game by directly supporting terrorists who have openly threatened China.

The Uyghurs are a Turkic minority group from China’s western Xinjiang province. Large segments of their population seek independence from the Chinese state and aim to establish a new state called East Turkistan that would be governed by Shariah Law.

As the Uighurs are ethnic kin with the Turks, they have long had Turkey as a safe haven for those against the Chinese state.

The video seen below, taken from Hatay province on the border with Syria’s northwest Afrin region, shows Uighurs in Turkish military uniforms and openly declaring war against China.

“Listen you dog bastards, do you see this?” questions one militant seen in the video speaking in Mandarin, the main Chinese language.

“We will triumph! We will kill you all. Listen up Chinese civilians, get out of our East Turkistan,” he continued to threaten.

“I am warning you. We shall return and we will be victorious. Allahu Akbar!” he concludes.

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It remains to be seen how China will react to this threat by forces who are directly supported by Turkey and are wearing Turkish military uniforms.

The Uyghurs are also fighting in Syria under the banner of the Al-Qaeda affiliated Turkistan Islamic Party where they have currently colonized and occupied Jisr al-Shughour in Idlib province.

Elsewhere in Syria a civilian hostage who escaped the East Ghouta war zone described the brutal life of living under the governance of the so-called “moderate rebels” which after many years of this war cannot be denied is a manipulative term used by the mainstream media to humanize terrorist organizations. A video and further details of this can be read here.

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