WATCH as civilian recounts hellish life under terrorist occupation in East Ghouta

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EAST GHOUTA, Syria – The Syrian Army has managed to establish full control over Saqba in Eastern Ghouta on Sunday after intense battles with terrorist forces.

“They [the terrorists] were forcing people to support them by making them starve,” a civilian explained.

“They starved and humiliated people. They were forcing the people who are not involved in weapons or any of that, who just wanted to get their daily food supplies,” the civilian continued.

“If someone heads out to bring wood or flour, they would put him in prison. They would beat and humiliate him, and anyone who objects to them will be killed next day in the square,” the civilian stressed.

It was then revealed where people would be punished by terrorists for so-called crimes.

“This square attests to their crimes. They called it Martyrs Square. I don’t even know what to tell you. Many people were slaughtered and decapitated here,” the civilian explained.

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The prison and food situation that terrorist forces enforced was then also explained.

“Another issue is that we spent forty days held in basements, we were fed animals fodder, and they fed us bran flour. The bran which no stomach nor human would accept. We were surprised yesterday when we got out that the stores were full of excellent wheat flour, while we were eating animal’s fodder, and the animals died because we had their fodder,” the civilian revealed.

The price of food and the happiness of the world was then identified by the civilian.

“A kilo of sugar has reached 15,000 liras, you could hardly find a kilo of rice, and if found, it would be for 10,000 liras. The people were just dead. You may see some smiles on people’s faces as the army has come, but it is greater happiness inside,” it was explained.

Elsewhere in Syria, Turkish-led forces have captured 75% of Afrin from the YPG. Details and a map can be found here.

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