WATCH as hostages finally leave East Ghouta through humanitarian corridor

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EAST GHOUTA, Syria – Dozens of hostage civilians, including many sick or injured, were finally escorted out of the terrorist-held town of Douma in East Ghouta into government-controlled territory via the al-Wafideen camp crossing point on Tuesday.

The Syrian Red Crescent helped the hostage civilians make their way out of the embattled town through the corridor.

The civilians were effectively held as hostages since the terrorists have tried to use their safe passage as terms of conditions for things they wanted in return. This is against international law, especially as both Syria and Russia have made every effort so that civilians can safely flee the war zone.

The evacuation comes after the Syrian Army spearheaded by the elite Tiger Forces Division reclaimed control of strategic locations in the region to the east of Damascus city center.

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The humanitarian passage was reportedly established by Syrian forces to allow for civilians to leave the militant-held territory.

Elsewhere in Syria, Turkish President Reccep Tayyip Erdogan has expressed his hopes that Afrin city in northwest Syria will fall by this evening. Further details of this can be read here.

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