WATCH as Russian airstrike smashes terrorist positions in Idlib

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IDLIB, Syria – Russian airstrikes has been caught on film smashing terrorist positions in the northwest province of Idlib in Syria.

Although the Syrian and Russian military’s are prioritizing their efforts in clearing the East Ghouta enclave of terrorist organizations, they have not forgotten about jihadist-held Idlib province.

Although an assortment of terrorist organizations operate in East Ghouta to the east of Damascus city center, Idlib is considered the main stronghold and center for terrorist groups operating in Syria, especially the Al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Nusra Front.

Idlib province was overrun by these terrorist organizations in early 2015 after they mobilized their forces inside Turkey and launched their offensive against the Syrian Army from Turkey after they received training and weapons.

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It is for this reason that Russia continues its air campaign against such terrorist organizations in Idlib despite the East Ghouta operation continuing.

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