WATCH how East Ghouta civilian hostages react to being rescued

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EAST GHOUTA, Syria – Families trapped as hostages in the Syrian village of Mesraba in the southern portion of the East Ghouta region witnessed the Syrian Army arriving on Saturday.

They were taken to makeshift centers where they are receiving support such as food, medical help and shelter, as reported earlier by FRN.

The liberation of Mesraba was a powerful sign that terrorist forces are beginning to collapse in East Ghouta. It has effectively meant that there is now a north and a southern pocket in the region.

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In the northern region are the large towns of Duma and Harasta, while the southern pocket contains Irbin and Jobar. These towns now separated will severely hamper resistance efforts by the Syrian Army as they now aim to liberate each major town one at a time.

East Ghouta, to the east of Damascus city center, has been the site of battles between the Syrian Army and terrorist organizations that have been freely operating in the region since the war began in 2011.

In a short matter of time the Syrian Army has liberated over 53% of the pocket which puts terrorists in a precarious situation. However, despite the precarious situation, they refuse to allow civilian hostages to fully evacuate so that they can continually be used as human shields.

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