WATCH intense 16 minute video of Syrian Army battling terrorists in East Ghouta

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EAST GHOUTA, Syria – After the capture of the village of Beit Sava and the sweeping of its surroundings, the last major obstacle before the final division of East Ghouta was the city of Mesrab.

The liberation of Mesrab was finally achieved days ago that allowed for the enclave to be portioned into different pockets.

The Syrian troops completely sliced the terrorist-held enclave ofEast Ghouta into three small pockets, one encircling the largest stronghold city of Douma, another completely besieging Harasta, and the southern pocket that contains the major towns of Jobar and Irbin.

However, awesome footage captured by ANNA News shows the intensity of the battles that occurred to liberate Mesraba.

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Go-pro helmet footage, drone footage, and cameras attached to tanks were used to compile the filming of the battle. Although no violence is shown, it shows the intensity of such operations, soldiers storming positions and battle tactics being played out.

More footage of the Syrian Army who made gains in the East Ghouta town of Harasta was captured on Monday. It can be seen here.

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