West is using Skripal to prepare War against Russia

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Accusations against Russia poisoning the former GRU officer Sergei Skripal are necessary in order to manufacture public opinion for the use of military force, by the Western countries, against the Russian Federation. Such a statement was made by the chairman of the Council of Foreign Affairs Committee, Konstantin Kosachev.

He reacted to the joint statement by the leaders of the United States, Britain, Germany and France, who condemned the poisoning of Skripal and accused Moscow of carrying it out.

A large-scale aggression operation against Russia was organized using the tools of information, political and economic power. The are preparing public opinion for the possibility of using military force.

He also noted that the British side has not yet submitted any facts, samples and other evidence, including at the meeting of the UN Security Council – because”there is nothing to show.”

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Earlier, British Defense Minister Gavin Williamson, commenting on the intention of Moscow to mirror the expulsion of diplomats – who said that Russia should “shut up and go away.”

A few days earlier, Prime Minister Teresa May demanded from Russia to explain the poisoning of Skripal, and gave it one day as an ultimatum. Moscow ignored the ultimatum, as it is against all international protocols. The Russian embassy earlier noted that they would not comment on the incident until the British provided samples of the chemical substance that the defector was poisoned with.


Source RuPosters
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