What Putin wants is the most important issue of our time

It's time to get real clear on what Putin wants

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Op-ed by Joe Hargrave

I think it is time we all got real clear on what it is that Putin wants, and why it really is that we (by that I mean the CIA, the Pentagon, and the State Department, the “deep state troika” and its hand-puppet, the MSM) hate him. I use the term “deep state” somewhat ironically – they’re all out in the open as far as I can tell, and don’t hide their ambitions at all. It’s a silly phrase but it is what people know.

Putin stands at the head of an emerging confederacy of nations and peoples who stand opposed to being absorbed into a new world order. They stand for national sovereignty, cultural distinctiveness, traditional religious values, and while they are not totalitarian like the Chinese communists, neither are they liberal like the European and American West.

It is in their fundamental interests to seek a strategic balance of power – and to put an end to the idea that there is one ideology and way of life to “rule them all.” Putin and his allies don’t want to live like the Chinese  – but they are allied with China right now for the simple reason that China respects their sovereignty, and they respect China’s.

The hysterical aggression of our “deep state” troika to Putin is about preserving a world order in which the US calls the shots. Some genuinely believe that liberalism and democracy must be spread abroad – by hook or by crook – in order for it to be “safe” here. This is one of the most absurd ideas ever conceived. Others are simply vultures, salivating at the opportunity for more government contracts, which war and aggression always bring. For others still it is simply about the prestige of the nation. If the US is not calling the shots, then it is no longer #1, and we must always be #1. There is no good reason for any of it.

Putin is right to oppose us. Putin is right to obstruct us. Because we have been and are up to no good, everywhere we go. A specific manifestation of this is Syria. It seems rather clear, from all the international news sources I read, that Assad is backed by the majority of the Syrian people, who, for whatever their beefs with the man, would vastly prefer him to the jihadist terrorists supported by our government. Putin’s intervention in the Syria war was a shock to the system of our “deep state.” Usually it is our own incompetence, combined with the lack of any clear morally justifiable goal, that ruins our military enterprises, and not the direct interference of another major power. Putin ruined the plans of our “deep state” for Syria, which was to turn it into another Libya. He stopped this evil and ridiculous plan from coming to fruition. And for that, he earned the eternal hatred of the deep state.

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Ask yourself – why exactly do they all hate Putin? Because he is “an authoritarian”? The Chinese are certainly authoritarian, and don’t receive a fraction of the hate. They are persecuting some Christians, political dissidents, intimidating some of their neighbors, if you ask them. The Saudis are one of the most oppressive regimes on the planet. But it is Putin that earns almost all of the hatred. And it is because it is Putin is both able and willing to make a stand for sovereignty and multipolarity in a way no other power bloc in this world is willing or able to do.

Trump, the man, I think understands this. Trump the president is trapped by the deep state. I don’t think he can resist them. Only Putin can resist them. But Trump perhaps bought us time. Hillary would not have had to have been broken with scandals and leaks. She IS the deep state.

This is the most important issue of our time.


Joe Hargrave is a professional educator and a political activist residing in Cypress, California. He has vast experience in both the old left and the post right. 
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