WHAT?! YPG blames Russia and not US for Turkish invasion of Afrin

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AFRIN, Syria – An official social media account of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) has blamed Russia for the bloodshed in the northwest Syrian region of Afrin rather than their own ally, the United States.

Since January 20, Turkish-led forces including their Syrian proxies, have been invading the Afrin region as part of the so-called Olive Branch Operation. This is because Ankara considers the YPG to be a terrorist organization as it is the Syrian branch of the Turkey-based Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) who seek autonomy or independence for the Kurdish-majority regions of eastern Turkey.

The US also considers the PKK a terrorist organization but hypocritically arms, aids and funds the YPG in the Syria. This is especially contradictory as Turkey and the US are NATO allies. The US has a military presence in not only Turkey because they are part of the same military alliance, but also in YPG-held areas of northern and eastern Syria.

Despite this, with Turkey beginning its invasion of Afrin region on January 20, YPG social media accounts have continually blamed Russia for this.

The YPG account stated ,”The Russian Federation is a partner of bloodshed with the Turkish state in Afrin,” before linking back to an official statement on the YPG website.

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The entire statement makes no mention of the US. This demonstrates the delusions of the YPG who chose to side with imperialist forces despite supposedly being Marxist, and then blaming a rival superpower for their chosen ally not protecting them from the Turkish invasion.

It cannot be understood with any sense of reality how Russia is to blame when the YPG chose to be the patrons of the US, who are in a direct military alliance with Turkey through the NATO organization, while Moscow has made every effort for the YPG to reconcile with the Syrian government so they can coordinate efforts to deal with the Turkish invasion. YPG has rejected every proposal made by Russia and the Syrian government, and to simply blame Russia for their own geopolitical miscalculation attempts to shift the blame for their own incompetents.

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