White House: “We do not cry out if Erdogan is overthrown”

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ATHENS, Greece – The new head of the White House National Security Council, John Bolton, is a peculiar case of a government official. Whatever he thinks, he does not hide it, but he expresses it in words. And the truth is that it has a “violent reason” for the enemies of America, but also for friends and allies who change camps and blackmail America …

When the coup against the President of Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan, on July 16, 2016, he did not regret it. Instead, in a video that we are publishing today from the Fox News television network, he says he will not throw a tear if the country’s Islamic leader, who he feels as a US enemy, is overthrown. At the same time, Turkish TRT brings him back to the same TV network that says the YPG Kurds maintain relations with the PKK guerrillas.

The statement was made on March 14, and Mr Bolton allegedly said there was an absence of the US strategy in the region. He is, therefore, criticizing the Pentagon and other services, with which he is now invited to work as a National Security Advisor. It will surely be a difficult cohabitation, but accepting the position should realize that the government now has a leader, Donald Trump, who has introduced a new direction in foreign policy and a new strategy to address external risks, whatever they are.

Mr Bolton, together with the new Foreign Minister, Mike Pompeo, in the event that his candidacy is not rejected, have a number of problems.

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The first list has long been North Korea, Iran and the Middle East combined with terrorism, and Turkey has recently added, after formalizing its strategic relationship with Moscow and Tehran. Formally, Ankara officially belongs to a new bloc, which is opposed – and in the case of Iran – NATO. It is an issue soon to be dealt with by the two “toughest” of President Trump’s new team.

Translated from Crash Magazine Online.

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