Why did Putin not come out to protesters in Kemerovo?


Dmitry Peskov explained why President Putin did not come out to the protesters after the tragedy in Kemerovo. According to him, Putin is a very specific, pragmatic president. “When the president of Russia is asked a question, he answers it and tries to understand the essence of the information asked for.”

“After Putin has figured out, he gives a specific promise. He does not give empty promises, he is very far from populism,” Dmitry Peskov said.

“It’s quite simple, there was a crowd of people, a few thousand people who were chanting …” continued the spokesman for the Russian head of state. “With a crowd of several thousand people, it’s impossible to speak in Putin’s style … In such a situation, you can’t approach people the same way as during the election campaign – this is blasphemy, this will not solve the problem, and most importantly – does not answer any question.”

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On March 27, Putin arrived in Kemerovo. He visited the site of the tragedy and laid flowers in memory of the victims of the fire. The Russian president held a meeting with some Kemerovo authorities and met with Kemerovo residents. Putin promised that no one will be “covered” (protected if found to be at fault) and all the guilty will be held accountable. The Russian president also answered a question about the resignation of Governor Aman Tuleyev. “Personnel decisions can be taken after the investigation determines who and what is to blame. I can’t make a decision like that today, and in front of the camera – that is for showmen.” Putin said.

And the investigation, according to Putin, should be objective and transparent, verifying all versions of what happened.


Source Vesti
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