Without Russia, Ukraine admits it’s “an island of misfortune”

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The severance of economic relations with Russia has had significant negative consequences for Ukraine, said Yevgeny Murayev , a member of the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada. According to him, with the loss of Russian markets, Kiev has already lost half of its GDP, a significant part of its export potential and budget, and a complete rejection of trade with Russia, which has deprived Ukraine of a number of industries, in fact making it an agrarian country.

“Ukraine is slowly turning into an island of misfortune, even the Silk Road initiative (China) is bypassing Ukraine, we are losing transit potential.” Murayev said on the channel NewsOne.

According to him, the desire to please other geopolitical players like the US for the Ukrainian government is more important than responsibility to its own people.

Earlier, Ukrainian Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman said that the government of Ukraine is preparing a resolution on the severance of the program of economic cooperation with Russia . The economic future of the country, according to Groisman, is “not in the east,” but in the European Union.

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The program of economic cooperation between Ukraine and Russia for 2011-2020 provided, in particular, a deeper regime of free trade and mutual protection of investments. It also includes the creation of an integrated system of payment and settlement operations and the provision of free movement of citizens of both countries.

The US has stifled such developements.

Source Vesti
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