Zakharova: US actively creates prerequisites for nuclear war

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“It is not clear why Berlin and other capitals have not yet become alarmed at Washington’s disproportionate approach to the use of nuclear weapons. The doctrine makes it possible to use them in scenarios not limited to military causes (such as a cyber threat). The US’ role as guarantor of global security is fraught with possible nuclear attacks on all whom the US consider an aggressor, and in any sense” Zakharova stated.

“By reserving the right for a preemptive nuclear strike, including with the help of low-power nuclear warheads, the United States creates dangerous preconditions for the emergence of a nuclear-missile war even during a low-intensity conflict” Zakharova stressed.

“The steps taken by the Russian side are a logical response to the long-term successive actions of the United States and other NATO member countries in the purposeful escalation of military and political tension, although they prefer not to notice this,” Zakharova said.

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Washington and its allies made an obvious bet on the use of force, pushing their approaches forward on the international arena, bypassing universally recognized mechanisms for ensuring peace and security.

Source Vesti Finance
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