Zhirinovsky strikes again: Sobchak cries on air [Video]


Presidential candidate Ksenia Sobchak burst into tears and left the studio on air, following the political debates of the TV channel “Russia 1” . She was outraged that other candidates interrupted her, and presenter Vladimir Solovyov, with all due respect to Sobchak, refused to intervene in this.

“According to electoral law, I cannot intervene … I have no right … I think it’s terrible (when people insult you), but this is the law,” TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov said to Sobchak’s request for intervention.

Ksenia Sobchak filed a complaint with the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) of Russia against the host.

Secretary of the CEC Maya Grishina stated, “The conduct of the presenter is solely powered by media. Neither the law nor the CEC  has any jurisdiction here, except one rule: the TV show cannot conduct election campaigning in favour of any particular party.”

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At 2:45 of the video Sobchak tears up, unable to withstand “insults”, which are just usual Zhirinovsky manner of speech (albeit volatile!)

Source Vesti
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