Zuckerberg has regrets but for other reasons than those we think!


ATHENS, Greece – In recent days, the young grove is in a very difficult position. A campaign against Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg called “Abandon Facebook” (#deletefacebook) has begun on the internet amid the scandal with the personal data spill of more than 50 million users of the social networking site, which is fire from all sides and has seen its share on the stock market drop.

More than 50 million Facebook users’ personal data came to Cambridge Analytica without their consent. The data are allegedly gathered through an application developed by Cambridge University Professor of Psychology Professor Alexander Kogan for Facebook.

Initially, the social networking site reported “misled”. Zuckerberg himself broke his silence days later and admitted that the site “made mistakes.”

“It is a very important violation of trust and I really regret that it happened. It is our responsibility to ensure that it does not happen again,” he said, while leaving open the possibility of regulating Facebook’s operation. The head of Facebook also pointed out that he is willing to testify before the Congress about the scandal with the leak of personal data.

When Zuckerberg’s first announcement was posted, those who read it immediately noticed something: they did not apologize. “It is therefore a misuse of confidence and I sincerely regret it,” he said in interviews he gave on CNN, Wired and Recode, and the New York Times on the same day, he told reporters in his interviews. And he really regrets: he regrets the splash of his share and the blow to his Facebook credibility, which he can never recover completely. As a BBC reporter comments, his apology is for the result, not for the cause, and “let’s not forget that it is possible to regret one for himself”.

Translated from Crash Magazine Online.

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3 years ago

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