A summary of US-led attacks against Syria


DAMASCUS, Syria – A summary about the US-led strikes against Syria.

At ~ 9:00 PM Syrian time (yesterday) Russia warned the Syrian Army (SAA) that a hostile attack is imminent.

At 2:00 AM Syrian time a high air activity over Jordan was noted.

The hostile jets took off from Qatar, UAE, Cyprus, Jordan and US vessels in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean were noted preparing to strike.

At 3:55 the first wave of the hostile missiles began flying over the Syrian airspace from the south towards Damascus

The second wave approached from the south and other missiles flew from Al Sweida desert near Al-Tanf towards #Homs.

The third wave came from the Mediterranean Sea over north #Lebanon.
During the first wave, two missiles managed to hit the scientific research center in Barzeh north of #Damascus

During the 2nd wave one missile managed to hit an army base west of #Homs
And two missiles were jammed away from targets and hit a residential area
During the 3rd wave two missiles hit an ex-depot near Harsta suburb

Many missile were supposed to target Mazzeh-Dumyar ABs and the scientific research center in Jumraya, the 155 missile brigade, the 105 RG brigade, the 4th Division command, Zydel plant in Homs, Damascus international airport.
But with no success.

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The Syrian AD Forces used the following systems to engage the missiles:
AA guns
And managed to down over 90 missiles from~97

The majority of the AD systems which were on duty at the time fired all of it’s arms at the hostile objects, and some units were told to re-arm.

After the US confirmed that the attack is over, some hostile objects were still flying towards their targets.
And after the attack a UAV was approaching Damascus from the west and it was downed by two SA-6 missiles.

The UAV was most likely an Israeli.

The attack resulted in 3 injured civilians near Homs

The low number of casualties was due to the preparation since Trump began his Twitter threats, and because the AD systems were very effective in repelling the strike.

This article comes from a series of Tweets by @WaelAlRussi.

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