Are Russia’s domestic violence laws too lenient?


A scandal has broken out involving the famous actor Konstantin Kordo-Sysoev, who has been sentenced to only 11 years in prison for the brutal murder of his wife.  In addition, the court seized 1 million rubles from him ($16,000 USD) – as compensation for moral damage to the relatives of the deceased.

The actor, who is famous in Russia for his part in the historical drama “Rasputin”, and some others, brutally killed his wife in 2016.  During an argument, he inflicted 69 blows to the head with a hard object.  

The reason for the quarrel is suspected jealousy: his wife worked as a stewardess in a major airline, and her constant flights and spending the night in foreign cities became the cause of conflicts between them.

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It is not uncommon to receive a life sentence for such cases in common law countries. It’s difficult to draw conclusions based on one case of a famous person – but it would seem Russia’s domestic violence laws are not as harsh, when compared to penalties for many other crimes.

Source Vesti
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