Are the Russian-US tensions over Syria beginning to ease?


1. Russia is awaiting the US to provide it with the list of targets it is going to hit and their coordinates to avoid any theoretical loss from Russian side, similar to the April 2017 scenario.

2. Russia prepared a list of measures if the situation escalates.

3. Russian General Staff is in closed talks with the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

4. Also contacts with NATO via Turkey.

5. Russian Navy limited access to Syria shores for drills Apr.11-12, 17-19 & 25-26 from 10 to 6 pm Moscow time.

6. Russia grouping in the Med has 15 combat ships & supply vessels including subs (diesel & nuclear) and patrol aircrafts IL-38H, S400 and Pantsir-S1.

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7. Russian Ministry of Defense is sure that none of its objects in Syria (Khmeymim & Tartus bases) will be hit. Otherwise, consequences will be grave.

8. Netanyahu called Putin over night. He might be an additional communication between Russia’s president and Trump while Putin a mediator between Israel and Iran.

9. Russian military deployed to Syria’s Douma where alleged Chemical weapon attack took place.

Apparently deconfliction channel between Russia and the US is working. This might explain why Trump did not take any decision within initially set 24-48 hours.

The above article is a series of Tweets composed by Alexey Khlebnikov, a consultant and analyst on Russia and the Middle East.

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