Armenia prevents up to 150 bombs going off

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Armenian authorities have prevented a series of terrorist attacks and the detention of citizens who planned to organize over a hundred explosions on the territory of the republic. According to the Armenian National Security Service (SNB), the criminal group was created by two citizens of Armenia associated with the convicted oppositionist Zhirayr Sefilyan, and the group “Sasna Tsrer”, who seized the building of the patrol and guard service in Yerevan in 2016.

It is reported that the criminals were going to arrange terrorist attacks, placing 100-150 homemade explosive devices in public spaces, which are controlled remotely. In particular, explosions were planned at Freedom Square in Yerevan, in the Dalma Garden Mall shopping mall and the entertainment center, under vehicles and bridges, and in residential buildings “to create an atmosphere of fear and illegal pressure on public authorities.”

The Investigation Department of the National Security Service has instituted criminal proceedings under articles on preparation of a terrorist attack by an organized group, the illegal circulation of arms, ammunition and explosives, and the manufacture of weapons. The maximum punishment under these articles is imprisonment up to 15 years.

Previously, the National Security Service of Armenia stated that analysis shows a growth of terrorist and radical activity in the country, which will manifest in the near future. The service is aware of this and is working toward preventing the scenario.

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Meanwhile, the Armenian police announced the illegality of the protests in Yerevan, organized by the deputy of the Armenian parliament Nikol Pashinyan against the premiership of Serzh Sargsyan.


They called on protesters to specify their demands – for example issues of corruption, welfare and environmental pollution – and to continue peaceful opposition, “avoiding the traps of provocateurs.”

Source Vesti
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