Australia releases unjustified travel warning against Russia: An Australian perspective

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SYDNEY, Australia – Australia has issued a new warning to Australians travelling to Russia: “Due to heightened political tensions, you should be aware of the possibility of anti-Western sentiment or harassment.”

It then goes on to state that the government is actually “not aware of any increased difficulties” but decided to implement the warning anyway.

When you look at the lengths to which Western powers have gone to find excuses for alienating Russia, the situation starts to look less like the fabled “Russian provocation” and more like the deliberate instigation of a new Cold War.

Australia is just playing into the Western fearmongering campaign by issuing the new travel warning.

Most offensive is the fact that this isn’t a warning against state violence, or the threat of terroristic violence. It’s a warning against the PEOPLE of Russia.

Compare this to countries where harassment of Westerners is actually legislated:

Australia issues no warnings of anti-Western sentiment for China.

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Australia issues no warning of state/popular violence against Westerners in Saudi Arabia – it only warns that Westerners may be targets of terrorism. Also worth noting that it doesn’t include harassment/violence against Christians, or the requirement that women cover their faces as reasons for the high travel warning.

Even Australians going to Iran aren’t warned of anti-Western violence – only that protests sometimes occur outside foreign embassies (more a warning for diplomats if anything).

At best it’s bad diplomacy, at worst it’s dangerous provocation. Why cry foul about Russia’s drifting from Western political values when you’re conducting a blatant and coordinated assault on Russia and its people… unless you were trying provoke a response that provided pretext for the degradation of the Russian state from without.

This article comes from a Facebook post made by Australian-based Alex Galitsky.

The travel warning issued by the Australian government can be read here.

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