Balkans take “fire” – Serb fighters “lock” Albanian targets

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BELGRADE, Serbia – There is a growing concern about the eruption of an entire military situation between Serbia and occupied Kosovo.

Serbia’s defense ministry announced on Thursday that the Air Force with its aircraft flights will fly to southern Serbia (Presevo), giving a simple ultimatum to the whole situation in the region that is “constantly warming”.

The announcement by the Serbian General Staff of Aircraft causes many and varied questions about what is coming to the region.

This is the third round of “Air Transits” of Serbian fighter aircraft over the Presevo region where the majority of the residents are of Albanian origin.

At the same time, according to two new videos, Serbian tugs full of tanks, TOMA, bulldozers and Serbian Army brigades are being moved to the south in the direction of Presevo causing a great deal of “worry” about developments.

It is a matter of movement, according to estimates of at least 2-3 motorized infantry units, plus an engineer, that is, we talk about two armored Brigades (TGT) to the headquarters of the Army Corps that has a space of responsibility in Kosovo.

The ongoing massive movements of Serbian weapons systems, men of select forces, and fighter jet flights over Presevo areas clearly predict “war scenarios”, according to the military “practice” in this area against the backdrop of April 20, which is the ultimate the date of the Kosovars decision on the merger of 10 Serbian municipalities into an ‘entity’.

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Also, press reports bring Serbia’s armed forces to buy Russian “peak” military equipment.

The defense ministers of the two countries, Alexander Vulin and Sergey Soygu, discussed the possibility of supplying the Republic of Serbia with four Mi-17 multi-purpose helicopters, aggressive helicopters MI-35, and TOMA BMP-2.

Russia will also transfer four Yak-130 aircraft to Belarus and an array of anti-aircraft missile systems “Tor-M2” to transfer to Serbia.

Also, Russia and Serbia signed a contract for 12 Su-30SM multi-purpose fighters, which will be omitted in about a year. In addition, Serbia plans to continue to buy a new MiG batch of “indefinite type” and T-72BM tanks.

Certainly, as things show, there will be a new geopolitical and military situation in the Serbian-Kosovo-Serbian Autonomous Republic of Bosnia, which naturally will affect the entire Balkans reaching the northern Greek border.

Translated from News Bomb.

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