Berezovsky witness tells Russia he’s afraid for his safety in UK


A witness in the case of Boris Berezovsky, Vladimir Terlyuk, who has lived in the UK since 1999, said that he fears for his safety.

The telegram channel of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation published Terlyuk’s appeal to the head of the department, Yuri Chaika.

“Against the backdrop of the events of the last months of this year (the poisoning of Skripal, the murder of Glushkov) I am concerned for the safety and life of my family,” he said.

He said the British law enforcement bodies have asked him to explain a position concerning possible cooperation with the Russian state Office of the Public Prosecutor.

“No one remembered Terlyuk for more than ten years. It can not be ruled out that perhaps, there was even a choice made between him or Skripal “, commented the press-secretary of the department Alexander Kurennoy.

Earlier, Terlyuk stated that his audio recording with confessions in preparation for the murder of Berezovsky was falsified.  He also accused Berezovsky of organizing the murder of Alexander Litvinenko.

Source Ruposters
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3 years ago

He definitely should move to Chicago…..

3 years ago

“Vladimir Terlyuk, who has lived in the UK since 1999, said that he fears for his safety.”

Not that he’s done anything to deserve it, right? Wonder how much he’s been paid ÔÇô did he get a house in genteel Southern England and sunny Spain, like Skripal, or is he some sort of victim?

3 years ago

“He also accused Berezovsky of organizing the murder of Alexander Litvinenko.”

Hubris is always prejudicial although this is not perceived by those so immersed until just before disillusion/dissolution.

The hubris of Mr. Berezhovsky and its dissolution was an interesting process to perceive including the interactions with his former protege Mr. Abramovich, and the manner of Mr. Berezhovsky’s dissolution/death.

The opponents’ activities have added accelerators to this process, facilitating expansion to some not restricted to Mr. Skripal or Mr. Terlyuk, who like Mr. Litvinenko were complicit in this process, and afforded/afford opportunities to others.

Perhaps it would have been wiser to remember Mr. Gogol’s advice against holding on tightly to flying troikas.

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