“Better to be poor but free, than rich in prison” – Lukashenko on corruption

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President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said on Tuesday that there would be no mercy for officials who committed corruption crimes.

The statement was made during the seminar-meeting on the development of villages and improving the efficiency of the country’s agrarian sector. The Belarussian leader warned leaders about the inevitable responsibility for corruption.

“Remember, from the chairman of the district executive committee, and to the prime minister, they are on the personnel register of the president, and everything related to them is immediately reported to me, on corruption, embezzlement and other issues, and do not expect mercy!” – said Lukashenko.

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The President also drew attention to issues of conservation, nature protection, on-time payment of wages to employees. “Roll up your sleeves and start working,” Lukashenko said.

Lukashenko has been termed by the West  as “the last dictator of Europe” because he has been in power since 1994. This is much longer than Mr. Putin in Russia (also accused of dictatorship) – but a little more under the radar. He does enjoy popular majority support of Belarussians.

Source RIA
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