“Bomb to Brisbane” – Airport scare causes panic in Australia


A bag with a handwritten inscription “Bomb to Brisbane” provoked a panic at Brisbane Airport, in Australia.

One of the passengers said she was confused when she saw the bag. “It was with a bunch of other bags, and I just saw the word “bomb. I did not know how to react, I thought that maybe it was a joke,” she described.

 Then the woman saw a policeman approach the bag, and realized that the situation was serious. Someone else had pointed out the bag to airport police. 

“The area was cordoned off, we were quickly taken away from there,” she said.

The police detained the owner of the bag, a 65-year-old Indian woman named Venkata Lakshmi, who explained that Bomb on her bag means the name of the city of Bombay (Mumbai)

Her daughter Devi explained that Venkata went to Australia to celebrate her 65th anniversary. She was a little afraid to fly alone and decided to write on the bag the city of departure and the destination.

“She began to write” Bombay “, but realized that the word doesn’t fit, and left “Bomb to Brisbane”, below she specified “Mumbai.”

Good grief, lady!


Source RIA
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