BREAKING: Pilot chasing out Turkish jets from Greek airspace is dead

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ATHENS, Greece – The pilot that was missing after a Greek jet downed after chasing out Turkish jets who were violating Greek airspace has been announced killed, the Ministry of National Defense said.

It has also been announced that Turkey did not down the jet.

This confirms the authoritative source from the Ministry of National Defense, ending the rumors and the doubts that developed in the first minutes where it was thought Turkey downed the jet.

In fact, it was shown to a collaborator of and the relative imprint of its map, in real time, an intercepted screen and the exact point was the Greek fighters at the time of the fall of Mirage 2000-5 and exactly where the Turkish fighters were, seems clear, they did not move west of the 25th Meridian.

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The Turkish fighters from the imprint that was displayed (printed the exact time of the loss of stigma) were at such a distance that only the AIM-120B / C shot of the Turkish Air Force (range about 70 km) could hurt it.

But in three different impressions, both Turkish and Greek aircraft were in a “retreat” from the point where the interception was in the central-northern Aegean Sea, so they had moved away so that there was no case of a drop in a closed engagement.

Translated from Pro News.

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