BREAKING: Polish political prisoner Mateusz Piskorski to be charged with “espionage for Russia”


This morning, April 23rd, the Polish radio channel RMF24 reported that the Polish National Prosecutor’s Office has issued an indictment against the famous scholar, anti-NATO activist, and leader of the political party Zmiana, Dr. Mateusz Piskorski.

Piskorski, who has until today been imprisoned in Warsaw on no charges since May 18th, 2016 under the pretext of being investigated for espionage on behalf of either the Russian Federation or the People’s Republic of China, now stands to be officially accused of cooperating with Russian intelligence. RMF24’s report claims that Piskorski is specifically accused of “using his personal contacts in the country [Poland] and abroad,  including journalists and political circles, to promote the goals of the Russian Federation, provoke anti-Polish sentiments in Ukraine and anti-Ukrainian attitudes among Poles” in exchange for “substantial material benefits.”

Dr. Mateusz Piskorski

The full case and details of the indictment, however, like all the “trials” and meandering interrogations in this scandalous affair, remain classified, undisclosed to the public. If Piskorski is convicted of espionage, he faces up to 10 years in prison – a sentence which might enter into force only next year, thus totaling 13 years of detainment. Meanwhile, Polish media have also suggested that Piskorski could face additional charges for espionage on behalf of China.

Piskorski’s political party Zmiana, known as the “first non-American party in Poland” which has been persistently denied official registration since its founding in February 2015, has issued the following statement:

Statement of the National Council of Zmiana on the indictment act against Mateusz Piskorski

The National Council of ZMIANA calls for the immediate declassification of the indictment against the Chairman of ZMIANA, Dr. Mateusz Pisorski.

According to information provided thus far by media and the prosecutor, the so-called charges against Mateusz Piskorski concern deeds which do not fall under the Criminal Code, i.e., “bringing about the creation of a political party” and “propagating specific views”, which begs the conclusion that the nearly two years of detainment and accusations against Mateusz Piskorski are purely politically motivated.

We believe that this whole affair is unprecedented in the recent history of Poland and is evidence of a lack of freedom of speech and freedom of political beliefs in the Republic evermore often referred to as “NATO’s Eastern Flank” as if the only meaning of our Fatherland’s existence is protecting the interests of the United States.

The alleged evidence of “the crime of espionage” that our leader has supposedly committed include:

– delivering lectures to Chinese students

– opposing the glorification of Banderism (and “defacing a monument to Stepan Bandera” – sic!)

– supporting the idea of the New Silk Road

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– opposing the presence of foreign troops in Poland

Bearing in mind the above, the National Council of ZMIANA demands the immediate release of Mateusz Piskorski and the immediate declassification of the charges in this case.

Zmiana’s vice-chairman, Konrad Rekas, has published his own statement on Facebook:

We still do not know the details of the indictment against Mateusz Piskorski. Since the very beginning of his case, the prosecutor and Internal Security Agency (ABW) have used the technique of leaks and insinuations, apparently believing that defamation will prove to be stronger than the truth.

The truth, however, is that Mateusz Piskorski dared to have a different opinion on foreign policy from those in power. The leader of Zmiana, like Andrzej Lepper in his time, dared to call the looting, colonization, and degradation of Poland by its name – cancer – and at the same time dared to expose how this current destructive system is the result of our country’s enslaved subordination to the United States. And this is why he has had to answer before a court – for wielding the truth in front of the very eyes of those in power, not for any “espionage.”

The key point of the recent revelation of the indictment against Mateusz is the repeatedly recycled phrase “contrary to the interests of Poland.” Alas, we have lived to see the day that Poland’s raison d’etat is decided by a mr. prosecutor from the ruling party.

Piskorski has been accused, and might even be sentenced by the courts subordinate to the Law and Justice Party (PiS), but this only confirms the justness of our actions, just has life itself has already confirmed that Piskorski was right in warning of rising Banderism in Ukraine, that Piskorski was right in accounting for the rising costs of American domination over Poland, and that Piskorski was right in accusing the PiS government of selling out Poland.

Yes, Piskorski is guilty of all of these terrible crimes – patriotism, geopolitical insight, and speaking the truth. If you want to sentence him for such, then sentence me too, and all of us thinking in Polish terms – everyone simply thinking.

Dr. Mateusz Piskorski is renowned as the most vocal Polish critic of the Atlanticist war on Russia and has repeatedly warned against the dangers of a Third World War breaking out over NATO expansion in Eastern Europe and Poland’s degradation into a potential battlefield. Zmiana’s offices and members’ homes were raided and Piskorski was arrested by the ABW in May 2016 two days after he had published a public warning that the deployment of US and NATO troops in Poland threatens to unleash a flood of political repression against dissenting Poles under the pretext of “combating Russian hybrid war.”

Piskorski has been dubbed contemporary Poland’s first political prisoner, and his indictment for alleged espionage behind closed doors could usher in a new era of political repression in NATO-occupied European countries, a daunting reality which would confirm Piskorski’s own warnings.

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