BREAKING: Russia says Atlanticists staged Syria chemical attack

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MOSCOW, Russian Federation – Atlanticists continue their attack, with the US threatening to attack Syria in the aftermath of an alleged chemical attack in Syria which now Russians say was fabricated by the very same Atlanticists. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov  said today in Moscow that the Kremlin had “irrefutable” evidence that an alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria was staged with the help of a foreign secret service.

Lavrov cited “irrefutable data that [this] was yet another staged event and staging was done … by the special services of one of the countries at the forefront of the anti-Russia campaign.

“We have irrefutable evidence that this was another staged event, and that the secret services of a certain state that is now at the forefront of a Russophobic campaign was involved in this staged event,” he said during a press conference.

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told a news conference Friday that there was a “very alarming atmosphere” over the issue and likened plans for a military response to failed action in Libya.

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“God forbid any other military gambles will be taken in Syria,” he said.

Allegations from activist Syrian medics and a statement by the World Health Organisation, indicate that more than 40 people died in an April 7 strike on the then terrorist held outpost of Douma of symptoms consistent with the use of chemical weapons.

The US regime and its cohorts believe the Syrian government was behind the attack, without giving a reason why the government would do so, and Russia has long insisted it was staged by rebels in an attempt to provoke further Western intervention.


His comments come after President Donald Trump called last Saturday’s attack in Douma “heinous”, “atrocious” and said that the administration was weighing “major decisions” for a response.

Activists and aid groups, notorious for giving misinformation and being linked to the same terrorist groups, say dozens died in the assault on Douma, the last rebel stronghold in eastern Ghouta, which has been subjected to intensive bombing by Syria’s Russian-backed government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Samples the U.S is in possession of suggested the presence of both chlorine gas and an unnamed nerve agent, two officials said. Typically, such samples are obtained through hospitals and collected by U.S. or foreign intelligence assets on the ground. The officials said they were “confident” in the intelligence, though not 100 percent certain.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov 

Lavrov urged more diplomatic contacts over the issue and said Russia was open to further telephone contact between Trump and President Vladimir Putin.

“Diplomatic methods need to be used, which do not include ultimatums and threats,” he said.

The White House said Thursday that Trump has not made any final decisions regarding a U.S. response after convening with national security advisers but that a decision would be made “soon.”

The U.S. ambassador to Britain said Friday that Trump had spoken overnight with Prime Minister Theresa May about “the need for a joint response.”

Speaking for the Russian Defense Ministry, spokesman Igor Konashenkov said that the Russian Defense Ministry has evidence of the UK’s direct involvement in organizing this provocation. According to him, the Russian Defense Ministry found those who took part in filming the mock-up chemical weapons attack in Douma. Those participants briefed the ministry on details of filming  the clip.

Konashenkov said that direct participants of the process to film a video clip about the “consequences of a chemical attack” in Syria’s Duma said the video was staged, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said at a briefing on Friday.

“We managed to find direct participants in the shooting of this video and interview them. Today we are presenting a live interview of these people. Duma residents in detail told us how the filming was conducted, in what episodes they took part themselves and what they did,” Konashenkov said.

The Russian military could see that these were the very people from the video. According to Konashenkov, these were two medics working in a local hospital in the emergency department. They said that people in the hospital had no signs of poisoning with toxic agents.

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