BREAKING: Syrian, Russian air forces on red alert after Trump’s deranged tweets

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DAMASCUS, Syria – Both the Syrian and Russian air forces have been put on red alert after US President Donald Trump made deranged tweets directly threatening not only Syria and Russia, but also Iran.

Trump in a series of tweets that can be seen here warned Russia and Syria that it has a “big price to pay” for the chemical weapon attack that occurred in terrorist-held Duma in Syria’s East Ghouta to the east of Damascus city center.

Trump’s war mongering comes as there is zero evidence provided that the Syrian government were responsible for the attack. In fact, it has virtually been debunked as seen in this article.

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The US President has proven in the past strike Syrian Army positions when allegations, with no evidence or investigations made, that they were responsible for a chemical attack.

Meanwhile Russia has passed off the allegations as “fake news“.

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