BREAKING: WADA informant retracts his testimony

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Russian athletes are filing lawsuits in European courts following a publication by Rodchenkov, WADA’s main informant into “Russia’s state sponsored doping programme” where he retracted a number of his earlier claims.  He actually did this back in January, admitting that he had never seen Russian Olympians use doping. But then his words were hidden from the public and part of Russia’s team was not able to compete. Those that were, were stripped of national identity.

Grigory Rodchenkov could not answer any of the judges’ questions. The most important arbitration court meeting for Russian athletes took place on January 22 in Lausanne and was held behind closed doors.

The former head of RUSADA, Russia’s anti-doping agency, as it now turns out, retracted a number of elements in his testimony – out of view of the press and witnesses. He could not recall the exact composition of “Duchess” – a doping ‘cocktail’, which he allegedly invented, and said he has never seen Russian athletes take this.

The cocktail became known to the world in December 2016 – then it was presented by Richard McClaren in the second part of his report on doping in Russia, saying that there was a whole “Duchess list” of 40 names, whose samples were later to be replaced. 

According to Rodchenkov’s testimony, it turned out that he never distributed the cocktail, did not see athletes using the cocktail, retracted that athletes or coaches were forced to use the cocktail by authorities, did not witness athletes switching their samples for analysis – all of which are allegations presented as proof in the McLaren report.

A few months before, in an interview with The New York Times and other foreign media, he described in detail how he himself doped Russian athletes. The whole world was shown the alleged diary entries by Rodchenkov, where he recorded all this.

“This person actually confirmed their lies, their slander and the groundlessness of his previous words. Of course, we hope that this situation will force the various organizations to once again take a very serious look at the way the conduct business, with respect to our athletes, “- commented press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov.

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“McClaren’s information was based solely on those statements by Rodchenkov, which turns out were never anything, “said Pavel Kolobkov, the Russian Sports Minister .

On the basis of these  accusations, it was then decided that 43 Russian athletes would not be participating in the Olympics. On February 1, 28 athletes were cleared by the independent court, but they did not have enough time to take part in the Olympics.

For example, skier Alexander Legkov was disqualified, and is now fully cleared from accusations.

“One hundred and fifty-six pages are there. It’s so long and hard to read them all, I’ve analyzed almost thirty at the moment. I can tell you, Agatha Christie has nothing on this!”, Legkov confessed.

“Well, we’ll see what actions the IOC will take, they said they want to dispute all these decisions in the Swiss tribunal, in the Supreme Court,” said Alexander Tretyakov, the 2014 Olympic champion in skeleton.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has already issued a statement that Russia will actively protect the legitimate rights of its athletes in the international arena. And the Minister of Sport confirmed that Russia is preparing for new court sessions .

“It will take certain time, of course, but I think that the good name of Russian sport will be reinstated,” said Kolobkov.

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