Britain thinks “World’s patience for Vladimir Putin has run out”

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British Defense Minister Gavin Williamson said that the “patience of the whole world against President Vladimir Putin has run out.”

Published in the Telegraph, Williamson writes that the British military will be properly readied to respond to the threats of a new era.

“The world is becoming a darker and more dangerous place, we are not just dealing with international terrorism, we also have to counter the increased global instability,” he believes.

The head of the British military department listed the main threats to the West – China’s attempts to become a world superpower, Iran’s ambitions in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, the nuclear program of the DPRK and Russia’s efforts to “undermine and destabilize using hybrid warfare.”

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“He (Putin) will invest in new long-range missiles, boasting of his new nuclear systems and involvement in active and insolent cyber operations. If we had any doubts about the danger coming from Moscow, we only need to look at the events in Salisbury. We must not forget that this was the first use of a nerve agent in Europe since the Second World War. It was an illegal and contemptuous use of force against our country by the Russian state, which endangered the lives of neither of innocent people, “- says Williamson. [It was two Russian citizens who were poisoned by the way! This is an attack on Russian citizens, defectors though they may be.]

According to the minister, the patience of the world regarding the hostile behavior of Vladimir Putin has run out and it is now “vitally important” to meet the challenges of tomorrow in order to preserve the Western way of life and the freedoms that have been won. He promised that the British army would deal more severe blows and would be able to withstand hybrid threats.


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