Chemical attack is a staged pretext for a US strike – Russia

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The chemical attack in the Syrian city of the Duma is a provocation, organized only so that the US could strike at the government forces of the Syrian Arab Republic. A spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, Igor Konashenkov, recalled that there is only “proof” of the use of poisonous substances – a video taken at a hospital in the city. However, the Russian military has evidence that this video is a faked production.

Two witnesses of provocation, both of whom have a medical education, stated that all the “victims” of chemical weapons had no signs of poisoning. However, some unknown people poured water on them, shouted that they were contaminated and at the same time filmed it on video cameras.

At a meeting of the Security Council of the organization, the Russian representative Vasily Nebenzia said that militants were ordered to go on the offensive after strikes by the Western coalition.

 In addition, the Russian Ministry of Defense knows that Britain has exerted pressure on the infamous humanitarian organization White Helmets. From 3 to 6 April, the militants were to fire at government forces, in order for the infamous rescuers to one again stage a charade, Konashenkov said.

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A spokesman for the military department said that a team of experts from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has now been sent to East Ghouta. The Russian armed forces will help to ensure its security and easy access to the suburbs of Damascus. An objective investigation of the chemical attack should shed some light on the situation.

Separately, the representative of the Ministry of Defense dwelled on the situation in the city of Raqqa. According to WHO, from the beginning of October last year to the end of February this year, several hundred civilians have been killed, 660 people were injured, 130 were killed. Around 70% of Raqqa is “literally erased from the face of the earth. In the city there are only 2 hospitals that simply can not cope with the flow of the wounded and sick, while the epidemiological situation is getting closer to a catastrophe.” Thousands of corpses are destroyed under ruins.

Meanwhile, peaceful life is revived in East Ghouta. Water and electricity are restored. Construction work is in progress. Civilians can count on medical care. Assistance is provided by the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of Warring Parties. Specialists have brought 520 tons of food and 50 tons of water to Damascus.

Source Vesti
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