Children lose consciousness all together in Russian school

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Thirteen students aged 7 to 15 years of age from a Chelyabinsk school lost consciousness during, ironically, a Day of Health. 

The incident occurred in the school of the village of Arsinsky, Nagaibaksky district, Chelyabinsk region. According to eyewitnesses, right before their very eyes, children, one by one, began to faint.

In total, 13 schoolchildren aged 7-15 years and two teachers felt unwell. All were taken to hospital. The reasons are being investigated.

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“The investigative authorities have initiated a criminal case on the grounds which may be “Negligence,”- said the press service of the Chelyabinsk region.

One version included the release of methane in the basement of the school, but air samples showed to be clean of methane. A water study is the next investigation.


Source Ruposters
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