Conflict looming between Greece and Turkey over the oil-rich Imia islets?


ATHENS, Greece – An honest answer to Ankara is given by Athens regarding Imia and the provocative announcement by the Turkish Foreign Ministry. The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs accuses Turkey of challenging European law and makes it clear that Greek sovereignty over Imia is clear and indisputable. It also calls on Ankara to stop perversion and to reunite.

The entire announcement – response of the Greek Foreign Ministry

“While the European Union calls on Turkey to respect European law, she answers with a provocative circumvention announcement. It repeats a flagrantly illegal position, ignoring the fact that the legal status of the Aegean is fully guaranteed by international law. The Greek sovereignty over Imia is clear and indisputable in accordance with the Lausanne Treaty of 1923, the 1930 Italian-Turkish Agreements and the 1947 Treaty of Paris.

Once again, the criticism of the European Commission towards Turkey has provoked misconceptions. We urge her to come together and make use of the findings of the Commission’s report as a useful self-criticism tool to improve her image, both vis-à-vis her common opinion and the international community. ”

What the Turkish Foreign Ministry said about Imia 

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Yesterday, following the suggestion that the Turkish Foreign Ministry has voted for the vote in the plenary session of the European Parliament, yesterday, it said in a statement that “the rocks of Imia, their territorial waters and the airspace are exclusively under the Turkish sovereignty. ”

Ankara Announcement: “Imia, territorial waters and airspace are Turkish!” (READ HERE)

Translated from Crash Magazine Online.

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