Serbian Weapons: Belgrade’s Fire and Steel with a look at the partition of Kosovo

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PRESEVO VALLEY, Serbia – We have a massive military mobilization in Serbia in the form of exercises in view of the Albanian danger that is clearly in the Presevo Valley that is neighboring with Kosovo. Already the first pictures and videos that cover much of the exercise were made public and you can watch below.

Particularly large military exercises are carried out by the Serbian army under the name Sadejstvo 2018 in the Pasuljanske region, with the presence of the 4th Motorized Brigade of the Serbian Army, Cruise Line, Battle Tanks and the Special Corps, in the presence of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

The military exercises of Serbian forces are of great importance after the events with the capture of a Serbian official in Kosovo and the flight of Serbian fighters over the Presevo.

The “hot” scenario of the exercise concerned “a situation in which groups of terrorists attempt to occupy an entire region in order to break off part of the territory of the Serbian state. In this effort, they are confronted by Serbian armed forces, and on this occasion are also used various types of military weapons systems. ”

The realistic scenario of the exercise included artillery, munitions, grenades, smoke signals for helicopter landings, and scenarios for the transport and rescue of helicopters wounded.

The focus of the Serbian army’s action was the invasion and extermination of all rebels, and especially their headquarters, using special anti-terrorism units.

After the “city” was recaptured and the rebels were completely “cleared” by the Serb forces, the two evacuated ambulances were rapidly evacuated while the heavily injured helicopters were transported to special campaign operations.

At the end of the exercise, the population empties the residential area and the Red Cross units bring the necessary food and water.

Among other things, battleships, motorized infantry, M80A, self-propelled robots, rocket launchers, munitions, aircrafts, as well as HN-42M, Mi-8 helicopters, were widely used.

The exercise was carried out in the framework of the annual plan for the military exercises of the Serbian armed forces for 2018.

The whole operation took place in the presence of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin and General Sergeant General S.Dikovic, as well as foreign diplomatic missions and veterans.

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The exercise, on the subject of “upcoming rebel actions,” refers to the presence in the Presevo Valley of the Albanian paramilitary organization UCPMB, which is a “branch” of the UCK, and which “represents” several thousand Albanians living in the region.

This area is clearly the next flash point in the region of the former Yugoslavia.

The Albanians in the region “see” a demonstration of Belgrade’s power with all their like-minded people living in the Presevo valley, as well as in Kosovo.

The “fire” that is about to light is in Kosovo, where representatives of ten Serbian municipalities are threatening today in North Mitrovica that if Pristina officially does not form and approve the union of Serbian municipalities by April 20th, they will do so, according to them, would not be a violation but an implementation of the agreement reached in Brussels between Kosovo and Serbia.

The Presevo Valley is called by the Albanians as “eastern Kosovo”, indicative of their irresistible intent for the entire Balkans.

Translated from Penta Postagma.

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