Curious game by Tirana: Albania is a puppet of the US


WASHINGTON DC, The United States – The construction of the naval base for the United States or for NATO was proposed by Albanian Defense Minister Olta Xhacka to her American counterpart during her official visit to the United States.

According to the Albanian minister, the two countries should send a strong message to the international community that Albania and the Western Balkans are in the West and that the basic principles and values ​​shared by the two countries should be protected.

In order to strengthen and consolidate Albania’s orientation towards the West, the minister proposed the construction of a naval base that would be used either by NATO or the United States, or by both, establishing the US presence in Albania.

Among the threats that disturb Albania is Russia’s attempt to penetrate the region and strengthen its influence through its secret services, investment and promotion through the media.

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Apart from Russia, Albania is concerned about the influence of China, Turkey and Iran, with Ankara being paticularly interested. It seems that through the neo-Ottoman approach Erdogan has annoyed Albania.

Translated from Crash Magazine Online.

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