“Dad is fine” – Sergei Skripal’s daughter calls Moscow – Reports


Victoria Skripal, the niece of the allegedly poisoned Sergei Skripal, gave Russian journalists a recording of a telephone conversation with Julia Skripal, the daughter of the defector.

Victoria sent the recording of the telephone conversation to the editorial office of the “60 Minutes” program of the “Russia 1” TV channel. Victoria assures that she is in contact with Julia Skripal. It is clear from the conversation that Julia Skripal herself called Victoria. She says that the phone does not belong to her – it’s a temporary number, and insists that she cannot leave the UK at the current time.

“You know what the situation is now,” says Julia “Do not worry, we’re all well, I’m already being discharged, dad is also well, he’s resting now.”

Julia Skripal also insists that Victoria would not get a visa to go to London. “Maybe, something will change later”, adds Julia.

“Nothing irreparable has happened,” adds Sergei Skripal’s daughter, “everyone is alive.”

The “60 minutes” programme stressed that they can not confirm the authenticity of the record yet. They have only the assurance of Victoria Skripal, who herself asked to publicize the conversation. However, “60 minutes” is a well-researched programme run on a federal channel, their content is usually legitimate.

Earlier, London insisted that Sergei Skripal was on his death bed after being poisoned with an alleged nerve agent. “Now there are new allegations that poisoning may not have happened, despite the fact that the so-called case of Skripal is caused aggressive rhetoric against Russia; Russian diplomats were sent home earlier. Moscow is doing everything possible to conduct a real investigation of the incident through the OPCW.

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Source Tsargrad
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