Damascus residents in defiance of US-led attack rally in support of the Syrian armed forces


DAMASCUS, Syria – Residents of Damascus held a rally at the capital’s Umayyad Square, Monday, to show their support for the Syrian military in the wake of the US-led airstrikes on Syrian government targets.

Attendees waved Syrian flags as they chanted in support of the government forces and Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The US, UK and France launched airstrikes against multiple government targets in Syria early on Saturday morning, targeting alleged chemical weapons sites.

A total of 103 cruise missiles were launched during the attack, the Russian Defence Ministry says. At least 71 of those were intercepted by Syrian air defence forces, it adds.

The airstrikes were carried out in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack in the Syrian town of Douma last week. Several Western powers, led by the United States, claimed chemical substances, most likely chlorine and sarin, were used by Syrian government forces on April 7. The claim has been denied by Damascus and Moscow.


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