Despite most of the world against the Syria strikes, Macron says it was for their honor


STRASBOURG, France – French President Emmanuel Macron shamelessly claimed that the recent US-led air strikes on Syrian government targets were conducted “for the honor of the international community.”

The comment was made while taking part in a debate on the future of Europe organized by the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Tuesday.

France, the US and the UK all launched attacks against Syria without UN approval.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May attempted to justify the attacks because of the so-called urgency.

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“I am absolutely clear that it is parliament’s responsibility to hold me to account for such decisions – and parliament will do so,” she told MPs. “But it is my responsibility as prime minister to make these decisions. And I will make them.

“This was a limited, targeted strike on a legal basis that has been used before. And it was a decision that required the evaluation of intelligence and information, much of which was of a nature that could not be shared with parliament.”

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