Did FSB cause death of teen prodigy?

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The mother of a 17-year-old from Dolgoprudny near Moscow, who was found dead on his birthday on December 23, has rejected the idea that the FSB could have caused the death of her son.

Initially, the media wrote that home experiments, which regularly ended in explosions, forced neighbors to report the talented young man to the authorities. After that, FSB officers came to visit the young chemist, who was a multi-time winner of chemistry Olympiads. Investigators had found a note in his apartment where the young man complained that he was “being strangled by security checks”, and “the country doesn’t seem like it  needs gifted people.”

A suicide note was found in his pocket, in which he explained why he jumped from the 9th floor. The teenager wrote that nobody has caused his suicide and “this is his personal decision.” However, he noted that “he was denied the only passion that brought him joy, distracting from other problems.” He also spoke in detail about upcoming school exams – the failure of which caused him anxiety.

The mother of the young man, Angelica Vasilievna explained that FSB officers came to their house twice,  because her son was searching on the Internet for banned substances, for home experiments. They confiscated dangerous reagents and had a “serious conversation with the boy.” However, the authorities and her son had trusting relations, the woman emphasizes.

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“The FSB had nothing to do with it, they came to us twice, very nice men. We talked, I was glad that Vitaliy is under control of special services,” she confessed. The woman rejected the idea that FSB control was putting any kind of unwarranted pressure on the young chemist.

The decision of her son to commit suicide, she explained, was concern about the upcoming mathematics examinations, the failure of which meant that he could not attend university. However, as a young-wunderkind, Vitaly did not deal with his fears or anxiety in a healthy way.


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