Erdogan’s nuclear ideals has major consequences for the immediate region

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AKKUYU, Turkey – Erdogan announced that the construction of the nuclear plant will commence in 2018, and will be done together with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the inauguration.

The factory will be “built” in the region of Akkuyu in southern Turkey.

Turkey is keen to build this plant, as it will be the first step in the construction of a nuclear bomb, and it will also:

  • Upgrade Turkey geostrategically and will make it a leading force in the Middle East – Mediterranean complex.
  • It will crowd around Islam and lead the Arab world.

All of the above is not feasible and contradicts the wishes of the West as:

  • Only one player and one selected from the US can dominate the region, Israel.
  • The Arab world itself will react, because it does not want to see a non-Arab country lead.
  • Israel itself will react, but the whole of the West as well, as they do not want to see the Sultan [Erdogan] who is leading a state with a nuclear capability.

From Russia:

Putin is a prominent geopolitical player and will not allow Turkey to turn into a nuclear power, with missiles targeting Moscow from a distance of only 2,000 miles.

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Geography and history have ruled Russia and Turkey to be hostile. We have had about 16 Russo-Turkish wars so far.

This approach is occasional and will not be deep. Putin is simply prime minister of Erdogan’s great-ideidism in order to dismantle the Southeastern wing of NATO (he would even pride on a Greek-Turkish conflict). Besides, he is equipping him with the S-400, knowing that they will be used against us.

We must not forget that the Cuban crisis, where  a global war between America and the Soviet Union did not eventuate, started because of the US missile installation in Turkey. Russia not accepting nuclear missiles in a close distance from Moscow responded by placing Nuclear missiles in Cuba. The Russian ships that carried the missiles, but also America withdrew missiles from Turkey.

After all, the interests of all, both the West and Russia, coincide with the non-acquisition of nuclear from Turkey.

Putin is just shouting and rewarding Erdogan’s great-ideology to dismantle the southeastern wing of NATO.

As for the nuclear plant this will become like the bridge of Arta.

Translated from Militaire.

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