Former leaders of Ecuador, Argentina: ‘Neoliberalism turned Latin America into disaster’


BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – The former presidents of Ecuador and Argentina, Rafael Correa and Cristina Kirchner, discussed the effects of neoliberalism in Latin America and the use of fake news to control public opinion, during an interview broadcast on RT in Buenos Aires on Thursday.

According to Correa, he and Kirchner “belong to two countries that went bankrupt! Because of a neoliberal recipe.”

According to him, neoliberalism treats everything with the same cure they “apply neoliberal recipes in a deeper and faster way,” and that according to Correa “was a complete failure” that is now returning.

Former Argentine president Cristina Kirchner stated that “we could not master the cultural aspect” and the “profoundly psychological aspect.”

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For Kirchner “this new neo-liberalism, these fake news, everything that appears in social networks – it has studied how people think very well.”

Kirchner said that the fake news have “succeeded, at least in important segments of our society, to convince them that the progress they had is connected to personal efforts.”

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