Former Russian Ambassador explained why Nikki Haley is irrelevant


Russia’s former ambassador to the United States, Federation Council member Sergei Kislyak, does not consider it necessary to be apprehensive about the words of the US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley-  “that the time for the talks on Syria has passed.” Haley said this after the attacks of the United States, France and Britain on Syria on the eve, April 14 .

According to Kislyak, first of all Russia has nothing to fear. “We are a strong power, we are able to ensure the safety of our people and our friends. I always proceed from this and recommend it to all our friends,” he said in an interview. According to the former ambassador, he does not know what talks Haley is talking about, since according to Syria “so far, no serious Americans have actually participated in any negotiations.”

According to the diplomat, changing the situation in Syria for the better is the result of the work of Russia and several other countries, “and the Americans were out of their depth here.”  

In his opinion, there is nothing new in Washington’s ignoring of the UN Security Council in making decisions, similar to the attacks on Syria.

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“Unfortunately, this is part of American thinking,” he said, “I must say that we, and many European countries, when we speak about decisions in the UN, we say: “we, at the UN, think this and that…”Americans say  it differently: “we AND the UN.” That is, to the extent that the UN serves their interests, they are ready to work with the UN. “

All the states are represented in the UN, and it is very important that we are well understood in the world. So Americans still do have to look at public opinion in the world, despite their own opinions,” he said.

Source Vesti
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