Foul play? Russia’s 7th fire in recent weeks burns in Sochi

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A fire has broken out in the residential complex “Panorama Sochi”- 50 people have been evacuated, among them 15 children. There are no dead or injured.

The fire is thought to have started on the third floor and went upwards. The mayor of the city Anatoly Pakhomov came to the scene.  The fire has covered  around 600 square meters so far. It’s currently twilight in Sochi: the fire illuminates everything around.

One of the nearby holiday retreat hotels is allocated for temporary accommodation of tenants.

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A reminder that in the month of March, a deadly fire in a Kemerovo shopping mall claimed the lives of 67 people. After that, a 12 storey apartment block was ablaze in Chechnya, an apartment block and a Hyundai autosalon in St Petersburg, and a shopping mall in Belgorod. On March 31st, an internal flight between Moscow and Novosibirsk was also evacuated due to an on board fire prior to take off.

Except for Kemerovo, there were no casualties in the consecutive fires. This brings the total to 7 major fire incidents in the past few weeks.

Source Vesti
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