Fox News commentator, former adviser to Trump’s presidential campaign defends ISIS

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WASHINGTON D.C., The United States – A Fox News commentator and former presidential campaign adviser to Mitt Romney and Donald Trump has gone on record on Twitter to defend ISIS.

Earlier today, Professor Walid Phares tweeted: “Assad air force is bombarding Palestinian refugees camp, Yarmuk, not far from Damascus while his ally Hassan Nasrallah of Hezbollah is threatening wars to “defend the Palestinians.” Is it a war to stop Assad strikes against the Palestinians, perhaps?”

Just one problem…

The Palestinian Yarmouk Camp is controlled by ISIS.

There are many strange things with this position, besides the obvious fact he is defending against the Syrian Army’s and their allies offensive against ISIS.

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  1. Palestinina militias allied with the Syrian government are partaking in the operation to liberate the Yarmouk Camp from ISIS. These militias include: Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command, Qawat al-Jaleel, Fatah al-Intifada and Liwaa al-Quds.
  2. He is an ardent defender of the Phalangists, a Lebanese Maronite militant group that operated during the Lebanese Civil War and were responsible for the 1982 Sabra and Shatila massacre where upwards of 3,000 Palestinians and Lebanese Shi’ite civilians were murdered by the Phalangists with Israeli military oversight.

Considering these facts, this is a strange position for him to take and expresses crocodile tears.

This especially spits in the face of Palestinian martyrs who are struggling to eradicate the ISIS scourge from their area.

These martyrs include:

  1. Lieutenant: Ammar Ahmad Al-Muhammad 2) Lieutenant: Fuad Ghazzi Hassan 3) Lieutenant: Yaseen Ahmad Maatouq 4) Muhammad Nour Samour 5) Ahmad Fahd 6) Khalil Adnan Ibrahim 7) Shadi Ibrahim Khalil 8) Firas Hussein Zeinab 9) Muhammad Ahmad Qassem 10) Muhammad Tareq Halawe 11) Meizar Al-Muhammad.

Even to assert that the war in Syria is for the Syrian government to wipe out the Palestinians is ridiculous considering it is the Phalangist that have actually done this while Syria is the only Arab state to support the Palestinian cause.

A truly bizarre claim made by the Fox News commentator and former campaign adviser to Trump.

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