French authorities abandon Russia’s Telegram messenger


The French authorities announced their intention to develop their own secure messenger, in which President Emmanuel Macron and government members could communicate. This need is due to fears of the country’s leadership that officials are discussing working issues in Telegram messenger.

The decision was made against the backdrop of FSB attempts to block Telegram. “We need a secure messaging service that is not encrypted by the US or Russia,” the French government press service said.

A French messenger is already  being tested by about 20 civil servants. It is expected that all senior officials will be transferred to the protected service this summer. Subsequently, access to the program can be open to all citizens of France.

Previously Telegram became known as the only messenger that no government special services had a backdoor  access to. While it quickly grew to 200 million users, it also lead to some individuals from extremist organisations to communicate their plans via the platform.

Russian Internet providers and mobile operators began to restrict access to Telegram on April 16 in accordance with the court’s decision. The court ruled that the service created by the team of Pavel Durov violated Russian laws, given they would not provide the FSB with the keys to decipher the correspondence of several users, suspected of terrorism.

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You can read the back story here:

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Today on April 17th – the Telegram messenger is still working, but probably not for long.

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